September 29, 2009

McCurry a truly 1 Malaysia eatery

McCurry Restaurant in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur is now a big name in eatery business serving a variety of fresh, tasty and spicy Indian and Malaysian cuisines, delicacies, sweet meats and savouries.

Business has more than doubled at McCurry Restaurant and has been drawing bigger crowds than its usual daily since it won an eight-year legal battle with the fast food-giant McDonald’s over the use of the prefix “Mc” on its business signage.

“We are a truly 1 Malaysia restaurant serving Malaysian chicken curry and other local dishes to Malaysians of different races from all walks of life,” said McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P.Suppiah who is now nicknamed McSuppiah by his regular customers.

“The restaurant brings all the different races together in true 1 Malaysia spirit and it’s a joy to watch my multi-racial customers relaxing and enjoying the food. This is a source of pride for me and McCurry.

Suppiah also saw a rush of new customers and although it's too soon to tell whether they will return for the restaurant's exotic dishes, he believes the customers will definitely be returning for more once they have tasted the gravy lip smacking taste of Malaysian chicken curry dishes.

“We have introduced new scrumptious dishes to tantalize the taste buds of all our customers.

“We have also spruced up the restaurant to make the dining rooms more comfy, casually elegant and roomy enough to host bigger crowds,“ added Suppiah who together with his wife Kanageswary Suppiah had worked hard to setup the restaurant in 1999 then known as Restoran Penang Curry House and renamed Restoran McCurry in 2001.

McCurry stands for Malaysian chicken curry. The food is delicious with the spicy curry chicken being a particularly big hit, along with the fish curry head and other exotic dishes.

The service was great, the atmosphere was a bit noisy but that's what you get at McCurry restaurant that is now drawing big crowds.

Business day lunches bring long lines so its better to come early as the tables are fully occupied. Its definitely worth making a reservation.

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McCurry Restaurant in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur is opened 24 hours and serves about 35 types of chicken dishes and 10 types of vegetable dishes and vegetarian curries daily.

McCurry Restaurant is the favourite place for most of the people to have their breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and family gathering.

Business day lunches and dinners bring big crowd with all the tables fully occupied so come early. While eating, you can watch the TV shows.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah a.k.a McSuppiah (standing right) and his wife Kanageswary Suppiah beside him with their Chinese customers who give the thumbs up for McCurry.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah posing with his two female Indian customers.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P Suppiah shaking hand with his Punjabi customers who give the thumbs up for McCurry and his wife Kanageswary Suppiah stands beside him.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P Suppiah and his wife Kanageswary Suppiah posing with their Malay customers.

The fresh, tasty and spicy Malaysian Indian chicken curry that goes great with plain boiled rice.

Customers helping themselves to self-service dishes in stainless steel containers. All the dishes that come out of the kitchen are fresh and perfect as is.

McCurry provide take-away food in disposable food container. It also provide catering for all occasions.

Customers can be assured of freshness as the dishes are replenished every six hours.

Style with substance: Malaysians favourite tea, teh tarik or hot tea beverage prepared by using out-stretched hands to pour piping hot tea from a mug into a waiting glass to bring out the strong aroma and the subtle taste of tea. You get good teh tarik with frothy top here.

Customers queueing up to pay at cashier counter after their hearty meals.

The place is crowded during lunch hour. It is usually packed so expect a queue for a seat or opt to bungkus (take away).

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah posing with happy and satisfied customers.

McCurry's signboard has white and gray letters against a red background with a picture of a smiling chicken giving a double thumbs-up and serves only Indian and Malaysian cuisine.

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