November 30, 2009

A glamorous Chinese wedding dinner

Mai Tomyam attended a friend’s son wedding dinner in Noble Banquet, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 22nd November 2009.

The dinner was attended by friends, friends from business and relatives.

It was a glamorous and glittering evening of beautiful people and gorgeous outfits. An 8-course Chinese wedding dinner (including dessert) where guests were warmly welcomed into the intimate and elegant ambiance of the restaurant serving exquisite wine and delicious food.

Mai Tomyam wishes eternal love and happiness for the newly wed couple.

Here are some photos of that memorable evening with all the glamour and glitz.

The pretty ladies with their beautiful smiles.

These lovely ladies make guests feel truly welcomed at their reception.

Beautiful ladies and gorgeous outfits.

Charlie’s Angels pic.
x x x

The two attractive MCs of the night.

Nice looking ladies.

The ladies striking a pose.

Attractive and cheerful.

A toast to these pretty ladies.

Gorgeous women!

(From left) Ho Wah Ying, Dato' Dr Wong Sai Hou, Datin Jennifer and Max.

Pretty ladies in a row .... everyone was outstandingly dressed in their best outfits.

The multi-tiered wedding cake.

The night's dinner began with the bride and groom walking in to the applause of the guests before being seated at the main table.

The best thing of the night is that the wine and the food were really good.

All the pretty ladies around.

The traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first task that the bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife.

Popping open a bottle of champagne.

Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz... There goes the flying cork!

After that, followed by the champagne pouring ceremony.

Some drinking action from the newly weds symbolizing the happy union.

Yam seng toast: The champagne toast is offered by the bride and groom and family members to all the guests.

A toast where everyone stands to raise their glasses to bless the holy matrimony of the bride and groom.

The bride and groom were glowing with happiness. Everything was just beautiful.

A toast to the bride and groom from Dato' Dr. Wong Sai Hou (left) and Datin Jennifer.

Guests drink a toast to the happy couple.

The wedding couple thanking guests who were leaving after the dinner.

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