November 18, 2009

Port Dickson a popular rendezvous for company retreat

The employees of a local financial institution in Kuala Lumpur were a lucky lot. They get to choose where to hold their annual retreat and Port Dickson was the favourite choice.

Without a doubt, Port Dickson, about 80 km from Kuala Lumpur, with its very surprising number of resorts mushroomed along the coastal road has become known as the perfect place to rendezvous for company retreat that give time-off to employees to relax and reduce their stress with exciting and fun-filled team building activities.

After the motivational and inspirational retreat, employees come back highly recharged, more productive and ready to give back more to the company.


A leading British official in the Straits Settlement Sir Frederick Dickson founded Port Dickson in 1889.

Team building activities pics at Extreme Park, Batu 13, Km 21, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson :

Outdoor go-kart: The ultimate team-building challenge in tackling endurance racing. During the race, team members learn to overcome obstacles when they speed, brake and corner down the winding track.

Go kart racing involves dangerous risks and it enables participants to take calculated risks to enjoy the thrill and enjoyment of driving through winding circuit. But for this lady, a little risk is worth taking to enjoy the most fun on a go kart. (Not to worry, there are expert staff manning the track at all times including providing first-aid).

Go karting on a two-seater: Working together and thinking as a team.

The winner: A jubilant moment for this go karter. Win or lose, everyone has a good time and for the loser there is always the next game waiting. Go kart racing is a good motivational program.

Go kart racers starting their engines ready for the adrenaline rushing experience.

A team-building event featuring the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). It was fun and adventurous riding the ATV power bikes. Team members get to test their controls and negotiating skills; and conquering the rough terrain and muddy tracks in their ATVs.x

An expert staff gives a briefing on safety procedures and a final check of the ATV before the ride.

Aim, squeeze and fire! Team members using paintball marker pistol shoots paintballs at static targets. Ideal for team building checkpoints.

The paintball shooting target range.

It was fun and excitement for those who were new to the sport to have hands-on experience on a paintball marker pistol.

At Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson:

Combat paintball: Participants wearing protective head gears, chest protectors and carrying paintball marker getting ready to battle it out on a paintball playing field. They learnt team building skills and techniques such as leadership, planning, tactics and strategy, communication, cooperation, problem solving, fast decision making and effective use of resources.

Billiards team building where team members play, compete, interact and enjoy themselves whilst learning some of the finer points of billiards.

A competitive, entertaining and team building foosball (table football).

An exciting dart game where you need accuracy and a steady hand to win. You can keep throwing your darts until you hit the bullseye.

A long lunch away from the office can get team members thinking in new ways.

Relaxing over a cup of drinks at the bar counter.

At Thistle Port Dickson Resort, KM16, Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson:
Team building activities involving a variety of games including sports that makes exercising fun and enjoyable.

Enjoying a refreshing dip in the swimming pool and fun playing the monkey game.

Tossing the ball in a play monkey game.

A ping pong game involves determination and deep concentration.

A good hearty laugh relaxes the whole body and relieves physical tension and stress.

A view of the 5-star 251-room Thistle Port Dickson Resort. All the rooms are also fully equipped with wired internet and wireless broadband but room guests have to pay for the access.

A view of the swimming pool from the balcony room at Thistle Port Dickson Resort.
A signboard at the sandy beach shoreline that "recommed" guests interested in water sports to utilize the resort's licensed boat operators.

A fun and relaxed evening:

Karaoke night gets the party going. Singing together is an excellent way of bonding and building relationships within a team.

It was nice to enjoy a relaxing evening of great live music and delightful drinks at the Cumulus bar.

There was a live performance at the Cumulus bar.

Fun dancing the night away to hot music spinned by the resident DJ.

Some good-soothing romantic tunes for slow dancing.

Retreat with a Smile:
Renewed and refreshed employees are able to create harmonious and productive work teams

A happy smiling striking pose.

"When we are happy and pleased, we smile".

The smile says it all. A picture of a happy, contented employee. x

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