November 16, 2009

Snooker star Jimmy White at Pelangi Snooker Centre in SEA Park, PJ, Malaysia

The Jimmy White exhibition: Snooker tournament 2009 was a big success judging by the full house turnouts at all the three venues where exhibition matches were played in Malaysia.

Jimmy White, 47, nicknamed ‘The Whirlwind’ or ‘People’s Champion’ and one of the world's leading snooker players renowned for his style and fair play, was in Malaysia for a 3-day match tour of Malaysia playing exhibition matches against the cream of Malaysia snooker players such as national snooker players Rory Thor Chuan Leong and Lai Chee Wei and others like Rony J. Alvin Hon, Lang Kook Yau and Joanne Lee who is one of Malaysia's best woman snooker player.

Jimmy White’s appearance at Pelangi Snooker Centre in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya on wednesday 4th November, 2009 attracted a lot of attention as scores of fans and players were entertained by brilliant snooker, fun and excitement.

Excited fans formed an ordelry queue to get Jimmy White's autograph and to be photographed with him. Many came to just catch a glimpse of him in person and take his autograph.

Jimmy White also played at two other venues - Red Ball Snooker (3/11/2009) in South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan and Club 2 Snooker and Pool (5/11/2009) in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong.

Jimmy seems to enjoy it so much that he is thrilled with the opportunity to return to Malaysia for more exhibition matches next July 2010.

The Malaysian snooker industry is hoping that snooker star Jimmy White can bring some much needed attention and interest to the cue sport.

Fans and players jam-packed the Pelangi Snooker centre at Section 21 SEA Park in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday 4th November 2009 when snooker star Jimmy White (in vest top) made an exclusive guest appearance at the club.

The sight of Jimmy White drew massive attention from fans and players who crowded the snooker table where the snooker star played entertaining exhibition matches against Malaysia's National Snooker 2009 champion Rory Thor Chuan Leong who beat the former 3-2.

Jimmy White taking aim during an exhibition match.

Jimmy White (2nd from left) posing with organizer J.H. Leong (1st from right) and officials of the Jimmy White exhibition snooker tournament 2009.

This pretty lady was the MC at the Jimmy White exhibition snooker tournament 2009 at Pelangi Snooker centre in SEA Park Petaling Jaya. On the extreme right is Malaysia's National Snooker 2009 champion Rory Thor Chuan Leong (partially seen).

Of course, the pretty MC gets to be photographed with Jimmy White.

Section 21 SEA Park Residents Association (RA) chairman Gan Keng (right) who is a keen snooker player himself posed with Jimmy White.

A female fan gets her chance to be photographed with Jimmy White up close.

A female fan approached Jimmy White for a photo opportunity.

There are surely a number of real female fans out there.

Jimmy White posing with a female fan.

Malaysian famous players were given the chance to pit their skills against Jimmy White.

Jimmy White was kind enough to be photographed with all his fans.

Jimmy White signing autograph for National Snooker 2009 champion Rory Thor Chuan Leong.

Gan Keng getting his snooker cue autographed by Jimmy White.

A fan has his cue-carrying case autographed by Jimmy White.

An exited fan posed for photographs while Jimmy White autographed her snooker ball.

Jimmy White signing autograph on a picture frame of him.

Another picture frame of Jimmy White autographed by the snooker ace himself.

Having an autographed t-shirt is special. This fan will want to take care of his autographed t-shirt to have it for a long time.

Jimmy White signing autograph on the back of a t-shirt worn by a fan.

A fan getting a book written on Jimmy White autrographed by the snooker ace himself.

A fan gets Jimmy White's signature on his RM5 note ....

... and also on his RM10 note.

“We want his autograph and a picture with him", said the two excited fans who got their wish.

A couple of fans posing with Jimmy White.

Jimmy White poses for a photograph with hordes of bodyguards who were hired to protect him from over-enthusiastic fans.

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