November 1, 2009

Sony hot babes and cosplay @ PS3 Slim and PSP Go official launch in Malaysia

Sony PlayStation® 3 Slim (PS3 Slim) and Playstation Portable Go (PSP® Go) were officially launched by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc corporate executive Tetsuhiko Yasuda on Halloween Day, Saturday 31st October 2009 at 1 Utama shopping centre in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

There were lots of fun and games for everyone particularly the PS3 community to celebrate and enjoy the 2-day launching party from 31st Oct - 1st Nov, 2009.

Among the activities held during the event were exciting PS3™ product highlights, the 24-hour playstation studio game challenge and playstation cosplay competition.

The PS3 Slim and PSPGo are now available nationwide at RM1,299 and RM1,099 respectively.

The PS3 Slim in the traditional black color is smaller and affordable. It has 5-6 hours of battery life and can be used for playing games and as a Blu-ray player.

The PlayStation Portable handheld video game console PSP Go model PSP-N1000 is a revised model of Sony's PlayStation Portable and features a sliding screen which hides the PSP's buttons when closed.

Sony babe Chritie Chu showing off the new PS3 Slim. Hot gadget. Hot babe.

Sony babe Amy Na showing off the new PSP Go. Pretty reasonable price for a great gadget.

Sony babe Christie Chu showing off the new PSP Go.

Sony babes Hui Jing (left) and Kitto Au.

The Sony babes Hui Jing (left) and Kito Au simply look pretty!

These pretty girls were getting a lot of attention. (From left): Kitto Au, Christie Chu, Hui Jing and Amy Na.

The Sony babes were there looking sexy and adding glamour to the launch party. (From left): Hui Jing, Kitto Au, Amy Na and Christie Chu.

Viva booth babes. Viva hot gadgets. (From left): Christie Chu, Hui Jing, Kitto Au and Amy Na.

The Sony babes are hard to miss.

Jamie Ng (in kimono dress, left) and Yuet Lee posing for the camera.

Pretty Elyse Lee.

Elyse Lee (left) and Wind Teo

From left: Elyse Lee, Naruto Uzumaki costume character and Wind Teo.

Gena (left) and Michelle. The pretty girls were getting a lot of attention.

Lots of people lining up to buy the launch package deal. The PS3 Slim is going for RM1,399 and comes free with 1 unit of controller, 1 limited edition t-shirt and 1 PS3 game.

PSP Go demo units are available for everyone to try out.

Visitors getting a hands-on at the new PSP Go.

A father and son checking out the PSP Go.

The PS3 Slim corner where four new video games are being promoted, i.e. Fifa 2010, Tekken 6, Uncharted 2 and Little Big Planet.

Players checking out the new PS3 games.

The amazing Sackboy game character from the PS3 game 'Little Big Planet' posing with children.

Winners of the 24-hour (of Soul Calibur IV) PlayStation Studio Game Challenge: Champion Michael Cheng (4th from left, front row), 2nd placing Razlan (3rd from left, front row), third placing Mod Faiz Bin Mohd (2nd from right, front row), fourth placing Mohd Kassim ((1st from right, front row) and fifth placing Wern (2nd from left, front row) posing for the cameras with event manager Alan Mak (3rd from right, front row) and others.

Manga and anime fans came dressed at their favourite characters for the PlayStation Cosplay Competition.

A cosplayer in her colourful costume.

Cosplayers playing a challenging fun game.

It was a great fun to watch the cosplayers demonstrating their skills in putting on skits.

A cosplayer carrying an arsenal of powerful weapons.

The winners of the PlayStation Cosplay Competition.

Visitors takes the opportunity be photographed with the coplayers.

Visitors had fun mingling with cosplayers in their fantasy world of costume play.

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