December 4, 2009

The booth babes of Pikom PC Fair (III), Dec 4 - 6, 2009 KLCC

Thousands of visitors thronged the first day of the 3-day Pikom PC Fair III from Dec 4 – 6, 2009 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) to seek out bargains on computer stuffs.

Yes, there were lots of great bargains, discount offers and freebies for computers, accessories, other computer devices and services, games and latest products.

But many of the visitors have also come to expect and look forward to the PC booth babes (or booth girls, PC girls or showgirls as they are called) These pretty and attractive ladies were hired to help out around the booths and pose for photos.

Mai Tomyam went around the exhibit halls area to check out the booth babes and were able to find 81 hottest booth babes willing to be photographed.

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Avira booth babes: (From left) Peggy Yong, Renee Hong, Patricia Ng and Rachel Lau. Avira booth babes were super friendly and ready to smile for the camera.

Samsung booth babes: (From left) Lyndie Ong, Monique Chia and Covien Tan. The pretty girls were getting a lot of attention

P1 W1Max booth babes simply look pretty! ... (from left) Denise Tai, Cherlene Wong and Susan Kok. Get faster and uninterrupted speeds with P1 W1MAX, the latest wireless 4G broadband internet service in Malaysia.

Two cute and pretty P1 W1Max booth babes Denise Tai (left) and Susan Kok posing for the cameras.

Sexy and beautiful Acer booth babes: Elaine Chua (left) and Yumi Wong.

Acer booth babe Yumi Wong in a striking pose.

hTC booth babes (from left) Amelia Kang, Crystal Koay and Stephy Young with their beautiful smiles and youthful good looks. hTC makes great hardware and very attractive.

Attractive and cheerful Acer booth babes Kettrie Lau (left) and Emily Tan.

Acer booth babes: (From left) Kettrie Lau, Calene Seow, Peggie Lee and Emily Tan. Their pretty faces added the glitz and glamour to the fair.

Samsung camera booth babes Peyyie Yap (left) and Emily Fong. Really these babes are hot. The latest models come with dual LCDs - front and back LCD screens - a revolutionary feature in digital camera technology.

Lumix booth babes Shook Yee (left) and Yvonne Ng willing to help. The new Lumix models use intelligent auto (iA) technology that activates six detection and correction functions, so you get clear shots. x

Panasonic booth babe Bonnie Teoh looks great.

Panasonic booth babes Amanda Teo (left) and Bonnie Teoh are not only attractive but also friendly and approachable.

Kingmax booth babe May Choong was cute.

Papago! booth babe Carace Kwan looks great in her sexy attire.

Papago! booth babe Jennie Tee in this short skirt.

Papago! booth babes Carace Kwan (left) and Jennie Tee were hard to miss.

Kingsoft booth babes Manchu Pang (left) and Renee Xun in nurse outfits. Really these girls are just too cute.

Some booth babes were actually men. At the PC Guru booth: (From left) Boon Pin, PC Guru mascot Alan Teoh, Thomas Thong and Leong Sheng with their handsome faces certainly drew the crowd to their booth.

Online games Kingsoftgames booth babes Rean Wong (left) and Jeannie Chen. Sexy and beautiful booth babes are the ones that catch your eyes.

Jeannie Chen at the online games Kingsoftgames booth. The sexy attire certainly set pulse racing.

They weren't booth babes but in cosplay. At the online games Kingsoftgames booth: (From left) Rean Wong, Bryan Mah, Ricky Tan and Jeannie Chen.

Asus booth babes Kate Choong (left) and Yee Huey do attract attention.

HP booth babes: (From left) Pearlyn Sin, Joanne Lee and Vibian Tay simply look pretty.

Nice looking Lenovo booth babes: (From left) Shyan Ng, Jesslyn Sye, Yen Ong and Bobo Yap.

More Papago! booth babes: (From left) Kiki Kee, Chloe Lim, Cherry Lim and Tracy Low.

NEC booth babes Nicole Hiew (left) and Charissa Ee. The next generation of NEC portable projectors is not only powerfully impactful but beautifully compact as well.

Philips booth babe Charlie Lai.

Kingston sexy booth babes Shirley Loy (left) and Nicole Mok.

Kingston sexy booth babes Angel Won (left) and Shirney Ng. Kingston but clearly all the attention is on these babes.

Hibikii booth babe Cindy Rani. The highly distinctive and exclusive range of speakers are assembled in China.

Hibikii booth babes Cindy Rani (left) and Jill Moo with long legs and hot pants.

Online games booth babe Miaw Wen does attract attention.

Online games booth babes Amelia Tan (left) and Ishiki Yun. Viva booth babes!

Streamyx booth babes Karen Yuin (left) and Fennel Lim are friendly to everyone in the crowd.

Streamyx booth babes Lexy Ooi (left) and Venice Tan. Subscribers to Streamyx package of 1.0 Mbps at RM99.00 per month get this HP-Mini 110 netbook for free.

Friendly smiles from these Kaspersky booth babes Kylie Hii (left) and Stephy Lau.

Kaspersky booth babes (from left) Vickie Siew, Fish Lim and Su Pei are all worthy.

ATI booth babes Giogio Tee (left) and Natlely Goh looking sexy. In 2006 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) acquired ATI Technologies Inc which was a major Canadian designer and supplier of graphic cards and motherboard chipsets. The ATI brand was retained for graphics cards only.

Gadget skinning specialists HydraSkins booth babes Mayc Cheah (left) and Elra Foo.

Sensonic booth babes (from left) Sze Shim, Jun Ee and Vivian Teh.

Audio-Technica booth babes Carmen Chong (left) and Jeslyn Lum.

Baffalo booth babes (from left) Shirley Chong, Amy Loh, Cheeh Shi-qi and Tan Carmen. These booth babes know their products, all ready to answer your questions with pretty smile, of course.x

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