December 30, 2009

Dream Wedding Expo 2009: Glittering bridal fashion show by Amber Chia’s Ford Models supermodels

The two-day Dream Wedding Expo 2009, also known as the 9th Malaysia Bridal Alliance (MBA) Wedding Expo, at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) from 19th - 20th Dec 2009 offered the trendiest in bridal fashions, workshops and tutorials in grooming and make-up for both bride and groom and other wedding services in one place for all the wedding needs of couples planning a dream wedding for their big day.

The highlight of the expo was of course the glittering bridal fashion show featuring Amber Chia’s Ford Models supermodels who dazzled as they graced the catwalk to romantic soundtracks in gorgeous designer wedding dresses, gowns and suits.

View below the gallery of Amber Chia’s Ford Models supermodels sashayed down the runway filled with glitz and glamour:

Ford Models franchisee Amber Chia (second from left) watching her Ford supermodels blazing the catwalk during the Bridal Fashion Show.

Ford Models franchisee Amber Chia with a bouquet of flowers posing with her Ford supermodels and fashion designers.

Some irony: “No Photography” sign.

The bridal fashion show by a different group held earlier on the same day before Amber Chia’s Ford Model supermodel show was a disappointment for hordes of photographers who had gathered for shooting. They had waited for the show to start when a man from the show organizer informed them that no photography was allowed during the fashion show. He said he acted on instruction from his boss and did not know the reason for it. He then began to display the “No Photography’ signs at every corners. What a shame!

Most fashion designers or designer bridal boutiques would be happy and jumping that there are hordes of photographers out there wanting to take photos of models parading in their designer labels.

The photographers would proudly show the photos to their friends or post them on the internet such as social networking site Facebook or photo sharing sites such as Flickr giving free publicity at no cost to the designers or boutique owners who have everything to gain from promotion and spreading of their designer labels and generating more sales. But sad to say, the owners are doing exactly the opposite thing by not allowing photography in their fashion shows.

Fortunately the bridal fashion show by Amber Chia’s Ford Models supermodels make the photographers smiled again as the show organizer had not put any conditions. Bravo!

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  1. greeting...which bridal shop is that?. should boycott them!