December 19, 2009

Large turnout at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) open day @ Kuala Lumpur main campus

Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) hold its latest open day from 18th - 20th December 2009.

Mai Tomyam went on the first day of the Open Day at the Kuala Lumpur main campus in Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak to check out what TAR College has to offer students.

The open day event was held inside the college's sports complex. The day was definitely a big success considering the large turnout of visitors who included prospective students, parents, friends and family members.

The staff and students were very friendly and helpful. The various booths provided information and advice about the college academic programs, application and admission, student accommodation, TARC merit scholarship, other financial assistance, transportation and general enquiries.

The College’s Open Day also give prospective students a great chance to tour facilities at the campus and gain an insight into student life.

There was also a Project Design Exhibition 2009 (ProDEx 2009) held back to back with the Open Day. Organised by the College’s School of Technology, the final year students showcased their high-tech projects which garnered enthusiastic approval from the visitors for their bright, innovative concepts and ideas.

The visitors were impressed with what they saw and heard on the wide array of academic programs, affordable fees and good facilities available.

Very few people are aware of the TARC Merit Scholarship. Students with SPM 9As (including A-) are automatically offered 100% waiver of tuition fees for full duration of TAR College programme upon admission; those with SPM 8As will get 75% waiver whilst those with SPM 7As will get 50% waiver.

The College also provide flexible pathways for its Advanced Diploma graduates to obtain a relevant UK Bachelor Honours Degree at affordable fees by completing a 14-week programme at either Sheffield Hallam University/ Liverpool John Moores University.

The Bachelor of Science Degree awarded by Campbell University, USA is done simultaneously with TARC Advanced Diploma programmes and students complete the entire degree at TARC.

The crowd inside the sports complex where the Open Day was held.

Prospective students finding out more on the courses offered at TAR College.

Prospective students looked for well-planned syllabuses and most important of all quality education at affordable fees.

Prospective students checking on TAR College courses they might be able to study.

Prospective students and parents talked to dedicated staff covering the areas of their interest.

These three prospective students were really interested in finding out more about the courses offered by the School of Social Science and Humanities. For example, the Hospitality Management (Hotel Management) Diploma and Advanced Diploma course is becoming an increasingly popular choice for prospective student applicants.

Lecturer Shamila (first from left) telling prospective student Justin (third from left) everything about the course he is interested in and the entry qualification required while his parents were impressed with what they saw and heard.

"TAR College is the choice for me", says Justin who is hopeful that he will gain a place at the college.

Lecturer Shamila (centre) and her helpful students at the School of Social Science & Humanities booth.

The Project Design Exhibition (ProDEx) showcased final year projects designs of Advanced Diploma students from the School of Technology.

The ProDEx 2009 mascot made from cardboard by the Mechatronic Society of the School of Technology.

An exhibit by students from the School of Technology at ProDEx 2009 entitled The Civilization of Alphabet.

One of the projects featured at ProDEx 2009 and the inventor himself.

The good people at Nescafe were kind enough to provide visitors with free flow of ice-cool nescafe.x

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