January 5, 2010

First day blues in school for Year One pupils

The first day of school is a special day for the children.

It is a big step forward for these seven-year-olds as for the first time they leave the comfort of their homes and their parents to start their first day of school which reopen for a new academic year on Monday, 4th January 2010.

The excitement, stress, anxiety and fear these pupils faced adjusting to a new face of life are expected and normal.

Working parents take leave or time off from work (most employers have no problem with this) to bring their children to school on the first day of school to lend support and to prepare their children for this new environment.

Mai Tomyam went to SRJK (C) Puay Chai in SS2, Petaling Jaya on this truly momentous occasion and captured on photos the intriguing moments of these Year One (Standard 1) pupils on their very first day of school.

The child's understanding of boredom sets in as there are no lessons on the first day in school.

Children find the first day in school boring.

This child probably hasn't had enough sleep.

The first day of school is so draggy, long and boring.

"How was your first day of school?"

A child's first day in school can be challenging.

Boring class but this boy can't fall asleep.

This is cool.. boy!

Boring course, relaxing life.

Starting school can be very stressful for some children as they find themselves separated from their parents and in a totally new environment.

Less taxing, more relaxing for this pupil.

A pupil taking a glance at her mother who was standing outside the Year One classroom. Her brother is studying in Year Three of the same shcool.

Some pupils have no problems adjusting.

Children are bored when they can't find anything to do.

These pupils are actually very happy to get to school and making new friends.

It is important to go with your child on the first day of school. This will give the child a greater sense of security.

Parents of pupils queueing up in the classroom to pay school fees to the class treacher. x

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