January 10, 2010

McCurry @ McCurry

World famous McCurry Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur received a special guest on Thursday 7th January 2010.

World-acclaimed American photographer Steve McCurry who was in Kuala Lumpur to launch an Islamic arts exhibition held at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur from 7th January - 8th February 2010 paid a visit to McCurry Restaurant whose owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah had invited him over.

During the visit Steve McCurry, who has no connection with the restaurant apart from sharing the same name, was taken on a brief tour of the famous restaurant by its owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah.

Steve McCurry also signed autographs and posed photos with those present.

Steve McCurry was asked to judge a Lions Environmental Photo Contest 2009-2010 organized by the Lions International Club District 308B1, Malaysia.

McCurry Restaurant has gained international fame and its proud owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah became an instant celebrity of sort after winning an 8-year legal battle against US fast food giant McDonald’s in Kuala Lumpur which allowed the local eatery to use the trademark 'Mc' prefix in its name.

Steve McCurry, 60, is recognized universally as one of today's finest imagemakers, having won numerous awards including four top prizes in the World Press Photo Contest. He is best known for his famous National Geographic’s “Afghan Girl” photo that appeared in June 1985.

The exhibition entitled “A Common Faith: Steve McCurry’s Travels through the Muslim World” is the first with a specifically Islamic theme and showcased photographs, some of them never-before-seen, captured by the award-winning photographer in transcendent beauty of nature on his travels in the Islamic world from Mauretania in North Africa to Mindanao in Philippines.

The exhibition is sponsored by Epson and the Albukhary Foundation.

The Islamic Arts Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to being the custodian, preserver and educator of Islamic art. It is located at Jalan Lembah Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, within walking distance of the National Mosque, National Planetarium, Orchid Garden, Butterfly Park and Bird Park.

A Quote by Steve McCurry:

"What is important to my work is the individual picture. I photograph stories on assignment, and of course they have to be put together coherently. But what matters most is that each picture stands on its own, with its own place and feeling."

McCurry @ McCurry: Steve McCurry (right) and McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah posed for photographs outside the famous restaurant located at 1st Mile, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

Steve McCurry is all smile and happy to visit McCurry Restaurant and meet the restaurant owner A.M.S.P Suppiah.

A poster pinned to a glass wall of McCurry Restaurant during Steve McCurry's visit to the famous restaurant.

Steve McCurry was rather amused when McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah explained that the use of the prefix "Mc" in the business signage is a short form for Malaysian chicken and the food served is very different from McDonald's and have no similarities with them at all.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah introduced to Steve McCurry the variety of spicy Malaysian chicken curries served at the restaurant.

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah explained to Steve McCurry that there was no worry of stale food as the dishes are replenished every six hours to ensure freshness. The restaurant is opened 24 hours round the clock and employs 18 staff working in two shifts.

Steve McCurry checking out the restaurant that is spick and span.

A rather impressed Steve McCurry listens as McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah says that McCurry is on the look-out for a strategic partner who would be able to take McCurry Restaurant from strength to strength and to the next level.

"Here’s the awesome McCurry (short for Malaysian chicken curry) dishes and I am liking it, " says Steve McCurry.

"I love this Malaysian chicken curry dishes... tasty and so good".

McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah (middle) shows to Steve McCurry various news reports on the landmark victory that were featured on nearly all the print media in the world and which he had conveniently compiled them into a book form for reference.

The Straits Times report entitled "Curry power wins the day". From left: McCurry Restaurant owners Kanageswary, A.M.S.P. Suppiah and Steve McCurry.

Steve McCurry signing autograph for Pareesha Nayar, 14.

Steve McCurry signing autographs for Preeshna Nayar, 11. Beside her is her elder sister Pareesha Nayar, 14.

Steve McCurry autographed on the cover of this June 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine which featured one of Steve McCurry's most famous pictures - a close-up shot of an Afghan girl with her haunting green-coloured eyes.

Steve McCurry also autographed on the cover of the April 2002 issue of National Geographic entitled "Found: After 17 years An Afghan Refugee's Sory" featuring Sharbat Gula, the previously unidentified Afghan refugee girl featured in the June 1985 issue.

Steve McCurry posing with Preeshna Nayar, 11 (middle) and sister Pareesha Nayar, 14 with the June 1985 issue of National Geographic.

Steve McCurry with the June 1985 issue of the famous National Geographic’s “Afghan Girl” photo on the front cover which he autographed.

Sisters Preeshna Nayar, 11 (front) and Pareesha Nayar, 14 showing off their prized autographed copies of National Geographic.

Steve McCurry (right) was asked to judge the Lions Environmental Photo Contest 2009-2010 organized by Lions Clubs International District 308B1 while McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah looks on.

Steve McCurry (right) said he was impressed as there were some truly great photos from amongst some excellent entries. With him on his right is McCurry Restaurant owners A.M.S.P. Suppiah and wife Kanageswary.

Steve McCurry (left) is interviewed by New Straits Times reporter Veena Babulal (centre) and Malaysia Nanban reporter Nakkeeren.

One for the album: (From left) McCurry Restaurant owner A.M.S.P. Suppiah, Steve McCurry and Suppiah's wife Kanageswary posed for photograph outside the restaurant.