February 25, 2010

High pole lion dance wows the crowd at The Weld, Kuala Lumpur

The Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Troupe with two lions performed at the lower ground floor of The Weld shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur during the lunch hour on Tuesday 23rd February 2010 amidst the loud sounds of dashing cymbals, gongs and Chinese drums.

The gravity-defying lion dance on high poles wowed the large crowd of shoppers and lunch-hour office workers from nearby offices who watched the energetic lion performed spectacular acrobatic stunts leaping from pole to pole accompanied by the rhythmic beating of drum, gongs and cymbals.

The Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Troupe has won numerous competitions for their acrobatic feats and skills in lion dance performances. Their achievements include winning the champion title in the 2004 World Lion Dance Competition held in Wuxi, China and the 2006 Taiwan International Lion Dance Competition held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Lion dances are performed during Chinese New Year to bring prosperity and good luck and to drive away bad spirits.

The lion dance show is one of the festive activities presented by The Weld to welcome the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Fascinating: The lion dance troupe in action at the event.

The lion leaping from pole to pole to the beat of drum, gongs and cymbals.

The lion dance performance, a traditional Chinese cultural dance that ushers in prosperity and good luck while warding off bad luck.

The crowd were captivated by the lion dance dangerous stunts of jumping and balancing from one pillar to another, several metres in the air.

Gravity-defying lion dance on high poles.

Its more exciting to see the lion dance when they jump on to poles.

The lion sitting on top of poles.

The lion with its graceful and majestic acrobatic performance.

The lion unfurls a red scroll with the message "everthing goes smoothly". Well, let us all look forward with confidence and anticipation for a happy and prosperous new year.

The lion getting ready to jump off the pole.

The two lions entertained the shoppers with their antics.

The two lions playing a game of football with a pomelo.

A mother with her child receives a mandarin orange from the lion 's mouth.

A lion handing out mandarin oranges from its mouth.

The lion throwing mandarin oranges into the crowd from its mouth.

The Weld's Head of Property Management Annie Chan posed with the two "southern" lions after its graceful and majestic acrobatic performance.

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