February 26, 2010

Roaring tiger dance cheer @ The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

A thrilling tiger dance performance bring cheer and excitement to the crowd of shoppers at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 21st February 2010.

This being the lunar Year of the Tiger, it was befitting of The Gardens Mall management to bring with it an exciting tiger dance performance that had the crowd captivated by the tiger dance performers’ dangerous stunts of jumping and balancing from pole to pole to the deafening beat of drum, gong and cymbals.

Tiger dances, like the lion dances, are performed during Chinese New Year to bring good luck, prosperity and a successful year; and to drive away bad luck and spirits.

The tiger troupe from Subang Hong Teck Lion Dance Association performing at the main concourse of The Gardens Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The ferocious look of the tiger. It sure look like the real tiger.

If you take a closer look, both the tigers have a special Chinese character 王 (pinyin: Wáng) stylized on the forehead which means "king". To the Chinese, the tiger is the king of the jungle.

The two dancing tigers and the smiley face Buddha in a monk's robe bring joy, happiness, prosperity and good luck.

The tigers dance to the sound of drum, gong and cymbals.

The two tigers danced their way into the hearts of the crowd of shoppers.

The tiger dance is visually striking.

The tiger in a playful mood with the smiley face Buddha dressed in a monk's robe.

One of the dancing tigers leaping on the high poles as the crowd of shoppers watch in awe.

The tiger demonstrating its agility and balance on high poles.

The graceful and majestic acrobatic peformance of the tiger.

One of the tigers leaping from high poles onto the "Tiger Bridge".

The two tigers mesmerized the crowd with their acrobatic stunts.

After landing onto the "Tiger Bridge" both the tigers showed off their supremacy.

The two tigers put up a stunning performance.

The two tigers interacting with each other on the "Tiger Bridge"

The acrobatic movements of the tiger dance mimic those of actual tigers.

The pair of dancing tigers with its striking colours and ferocious look.

One of the tigers unveil a scroll with auspicious words to bring good tidings for the new lunar year.

The tiger passes the scroll to the smiley face Buddha.

The tiger handing out mandarin oranges from its mouth to children ...

... and adults as well.

The smiley face Buddha giving out mandarian oranges to the crowd.

A beautiful Datin Tania (right) with her two pretty daughters and a relative posed for a photograph after watching the exciting tiger dance.

Attractive and cheerful Sonia in a striking pose.

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