April 23, 2010

Cool high tech military equipment at DSA 2010

Some of the cool high tech military equipment on display at the 12th Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2010 exhibition and conference held from April 19 - 22 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur.

DSA 2010 is the biggest defense exhibition in Asia showcasing the latest in defense technologies.

The biannual exhibition features products ranging from firearms, ammunition, armoured vehicles to battlefield healthcare and other telecommunication, safety, security and medical equipment from more than 700 companies from 40 countries.

The exhibition is not open to the general public and entry is by invitation only.

The main battle tank (MBT) for Malaysia, the PT-91M Pendekar on display at the Deftech pavilion during the DSA 2010 exhibition. The Malaysian Army took delivery of 48 MBT PT-91M from defence company Bumar Labedy from Poland in 2005.

Length - 9,530 mm
Width - 3,590 mm
Weight - 45,310 kg.

This MBT PT-91M Pendekar (M refers to Malaysia, pendekar means "warrior") can pack a mighty punch.

An armoured mortar carrier vehicle ACV-S 300 Adnan. The Malaysian army operates more than 11 variants of the ACV-300 Adnan armoured vehicles procured from Turkish defence company FNSS and assembled at Deftech's dedicated plant in Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Deftech AV4 - Light Armoured Wheeled 4X4 Vehicle. It is designed and developed in Malaysia.

ACV IFV 300 (Armoured Combat Vehicle - Infantry Fighting Vehicle) with One Man 25mm sharpshooter turret on display at the Turkish defense company FNSS booth. Malaysia has more than 2oo ACV-300 of different variants (including the stretched variant ACV-S) purchased from Turkey.
Visitors handling the assault rifles on display at DSA 2010.

An army officer trying out the gun sights on display at Aimpoint booth. This is interesting! The Aimpoint Concealed Engagement Unit (CEU) gives the operator the ability to observe and or engage a threat from a concealed or covered position. It is mounted behind the Aimpoint sight and rotates a full 260○ allowing the operator to safely look around either right or left-hand corners, up staircases or down tunnels from almost any angle.

This young man takes aim with a sniper rifle.

Display of pistols at the Girsan (Yavuz 16) booth. Girsan is a firearm manufacturing company from Turkey.

At the United Kingdom Trade & Investment, Defence & Security Organization(UKTI DSO) pavilion:


A model of a Westland Lynx helicopter of the British Royal Navy.

A model of the AgustaWestland AW139 (background) and AW109 LOH (froreground) helicopters on display. The Malaysian Army operates eleven AW109 LOH light twin helicopters for a range of duties including observation, reconnaissance and tactical support.

The Russian Helicopters booth showcased models of the medium multi-role Mi-17, Ka-32A11BC and the light multi-role Ka-226T made for the Asian-Pacific Region.

A model of the swing-role combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Eurofighter Typhoon with its arsenal of air-to-air weapons.

A remote-controlled EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robot telemax on display at the Telerob booth. Telerob from Germany produce highly advanced bomb disposal robots capable of locating, identifying and disposing of explosive devices.

This heavy duty tEODor (telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot) makes the work of bomb disposal engineers quicker and safer.

An exhibition booth to promote Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa. Officials holding up a small replica of the World Cup. In the centre is Zakumi the leopard, the official mascot for Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa.

Relationship Managers at the Affin Bank booth. The official bank at DSA 2010 offers contract financing for potential contractors with viable contracts from the Government.

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