July 8, 2010

Archidex 2010: Newest technologies & innovations on show

The 11th Archidex 2010, Malaysia Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, held on July 1 - 4 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) showcased the latest developments in innovation and trend of the architectural, design and building industry.

More than 800 booths from over 330 companies including from Austria, Australia, China, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, participated in the exhibition which is recognized as the region's annual event for professionals such as architects, interior designers, developers, quantity surveyors and engineers in the building industry.

Students of the industry concerned were also seen going through the booths to learn more about the industry and to boost their inspiration and creativity.

Large number of visitors were seen crowding at booths that display the latest innovative products, designs and services.

The exhibition showcased products which were divided into eight categories:

Interior, finishes and surfaces
Window, doors and glass
Floor and wall
Kitchen and home appliances
Roofing, tiles and stone
Light and sound
Sanitary ware
Building material

An ultra modern architectural beauty of lighting sculpture by Sculptureatwork - a company which specialised in commercial sculpting.

Another sculpture design by Sculptureatwork

Lighting designs come in many options and are as beautiful as they are versatile.

A unique architectural design at the Aalborgh White® cement booth.

The Aalborgh White booth is decorated with garden ornamental.

An engineered wood product resembling a football made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) on display by Finepress company.

Inspiration interior designs can be fun and stylish.

A multi-coloured rainbow table.

The beautiful art mosaic is the chic and modern design material used in well-decorated homes and offices.

Art mosaic: A 10 ft by 20 ft mosaic wall depicting the Memories of Merdeka - the Tunku's proclamation of Merdeka in 1957 from Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. It took two days and 200 pieces of 1 sq feet mosaic tiles to make the Merdeka wall.

Glass mosaic can be applied on wall through creativity in outdoor and interior designing.

Artisan handcraft tile with dented, crooked and warped style look wonderful on a feature wall.

Sampling of glass mosaic with various types, colours and pattern on display at the Terracotta Tiles Centre booth.

Exclusive range of elegant designs tiles that will look wonderful on walls, kitchen, bottom of swimming pool or in a foyer.

Jonite comprehensive range of creative granites offer a multitude of themes and designs for architects to choose from.

A stylish futuristic booth draws visitors to it.

Kansai Paint presents Ales Shikkui - a super premium Anti Virus Paint that is specially developed for the prevention of a wide spectrum of microorganisms inlcuding H1N1 and H5N1.

Every building can make up now: Visitors viewing the sampling of G-Earthmate product on display at the MG Creations booth. The coating company is the specialist in application of architectural wall coatings and related special coatings for restoration and upgrading of old and new buildings.

Booth babes Ryen Tan (left) and Yumi Wong at the MG Creations booth.

Booth babes Ryen Tan (left) and Yumi Wong with their pretty faces.

Booth babe Sonia Ng in hot pants at the ParexDavco booth. The company is a global leader in the supply of specialised mortar products for the construction industry.

Attractive and cheerful Sonia Ng at the ParexDavco booth.

Booth babes Natasha (left) and Christina at the DuPont Corian booth. The company deals in solid surfacing material for kitchen and bathroom worktops, countertops, tops and sinks. Corian, which was introduced by DuPont in 1967, was created from an acrylic polymer and alumina trihydate. Heating it to 300 degrees fahrenheit allows it to be shaped into almost any design.

Booth babes Jolin Wong (left) and Evon Soh at the Suriwong Marketing Sdn Bhd booth. The company offer a wide range of board / panels material such as soft board, hardboard, felts, non-woven products and fibre-cement board products as well as industrial and agricultural hardware products such as screws, lockset, hose clips, ball valves, rope, paints and etc.

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