August 7, 2010

Booth babes of Pikom PC Fair (II) KLCC August 2010

The 3-day Pikom PC Fair (II) from 6 – 8 August 2010 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is so pack with peoples!! Many had to push their way through the crowd.

It was the Computer Fair everyone was waiting for to get some good bargains on ICT gadgets, devices, games, other stuff and the free gifts were good.

For others they actually look forward to the PC booth babes, also known as PC girls, promoters, show girls or ambassador girls.

These girls add a bit of glamour and beauty at the PC fair which wouldn’t be complete without all those beautiful girls that make the day that much more special. These beautiful girls are attention grabbers as the products they showcase also reflects the beauty of their products!

View the intelligent, charming women of the Pikom PC Fair (II) KLCC August 2010 Booth Babes Gallery below:

Sweet smiles from PC Guru babes Christina Lee (left) and Yung Chieh.

PC Guru's sweet babe Christina Lee.

Windows Phone babe Faye Kwan. So sweet and adorable…

Windows Phone babes (from left) Faye Kwan, Black Crystal How and Rinny Leong. The booth babes with their pretty faces added the glitz and glamour to the PC Fair.

Windows Phone babe Coco Lee provides information to potential customers about the compact mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and designed for use in smartphones and mobile devices.

Philips babe Elaine Chai.

Philips babes Jaycee Wong (left) and Elaine Chai. They are noticeable holding placards.

Kaspersky babes (from left) Jia Jia, Jean Ho and Yomiko Yong showcasing the latest Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 full-featured security suite. The sexy and beautiful booth babes are the ones that catch your eyes.

Kasperksky babes Jean Ho (left) and Yomiko Yong: Tall and very attractive.

Kasperksky babe Jean Ho gave her best and sweetest smile for the camera.

Acer babe Melissa Yee... pretty and cordial.

Acer babes Melissa Yee (left) and Peggie Lee with their charming smiles and friendly persona.

GPS navigator Garmin babe Genki Teoh.

Garmin babes (from left) Xiao Hui, Jennifer Ling, Genki Teoh, Ashley Wong and May Choong. They may not be glamour girls but they sure attract plenty of attention.

Lovely Avira babe Kiwi See.

Big eyes sweet smile from Avira babe Careen Tan.

Avira babes (from left) Careen Tan, Sonia Ng and Kiwi See. Who said Avira babes are not sexy?

Papago! gps babes Cynthia Khoo (left) and Julinda Ooi. PC Fair show is surely a great place to find beautiful girls.

Papago! babes (from left) Rachelle Chong, Cynthia Khoo and Julinda Ooi dazzle in beautiful red outfits.

Lovely Epson babe Diane Lew. Attractive and cheerful.

Epson babes Diane Lew (left) and Carmen Yee. Lovely girls, the kind you could take home to mother.

Epson costumed booth babe Yen Chua… nice to look at. You can get your photo taken with her and easily get your free 4R photo as fast as 37 seconds using the Epson's PictureMate PM 310.

hTC babes Sarah Foo (left) and Peggie Peigi. Many of these babes are intelligent and charming.

hTC babes Cherie Yap (left) and Joyce Khor. Really these girls are just too cute.

hTC babe Joanne Lee. hTC introduce their latest best-selling innovatively designed smartphones with catchy names...among them is Wildfire that integrates the most popular social networks and targetted at the younger consumers.

Samsung gorgeous babes (from left) Yumi Wong, Abby Woo, Tracy Ung and Dorcas Cheok.

Sumsung babes (from left) Yumi Wong, Abby Woo, Tracy Ung and Dorcas Cheok. These babes, they sure have great personalities.

Sensonic babe Renee Hong.

Sensonic babe Javy Loh.

Sensonic babes Shook Yee (left) and Agnes Lim.

Sensonic babes Shook Yee (left) and Agnes Lim. See both of them also appeared at the recent Kuala Lumpur International Audio Visual (KLIAV) Show 2010.

TrustPort PC Security babes Jing Rou (left) and Anna Ong.

TrustPort PC Security babes Joyce Soon (left) and Houng Xien.

Logitech babe Chloe Leen. Its high-definition (HD) webcams feature 720p HD video calling, 1080p Full HD video recording and one-click video uploading to Facebook and YouTube.

WiMAX babe Sophie Tee.

WiMAX babes Sophie Tee (left) and Shyan Ng.

WiMAX babes Angelica Wong (left) and Sharon Tor.

WiMAX babes Wen San (left) and Lisa Ho.

WiMAX babe Emily Tan.

WiMAX babe Cindy Wong.

Mesmerizing outfits from Trend Micro babes (from left) Jia Lin, Jazz Tan, Vvian Ong , Penny Wong and Gwendolyn Chin.

Trend Micro babes (from left) Jia Lin, Jazz Tan, Vvian Ong and Penny Wong striking a pose for the camera.

TM Streamyx babes (from left) Sheena Liam, Charmaine Chew and Karen Pink. Pretty girls in striking outfits are attention grabbers.

TM Streamyx babes (from left) Sheena Liam, Charmaine Chew, Karen Pink, Lexy Ooi and Stephanie Vincent showcasing Streamyx Blockbuster Deals.

HP babe Sandra Yeo. Protect your notebook in this high-quality HP notebook backpack bag.

EpiCentre babe Francis Mak.

EpiCentre babes Mandy Chen (left) and Francis Mak.

Evouni babe Vinno Neo.

Sony VAIO babe Peyen Seah.

Lenovo babes (from left) Pearlyn Sin, Joanne Ngin, Angela Chan and Sook Fen. They look nice.

Online game babes (from left) Wei Wei, Penny Ng and Joanne Lai.

Some cosplay characters of online game. From left: Adrienne Yeoh, Jolin Lee, Skyler Why, Mun Mun and Chrystal Wong.

Jolin Lee of the online game. She was like the girl from next door, young and innocent look.

Panasonic babes Adele Lim (left) and Pauline Chow.

They have some male booth babes too. Panasonic babes J.Jay (left) and Pauline Chow.

Penny Auction babe Joan Hu. It is an online bidding fee auction or pay per bid auction.

SJ GPS Navigator babes (from left) Samantha Lee, Michelle Chee and Penny Annabella Lim hand out product flyers and visitors willingly take it from these beauties.

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