September 26, 2010

Hot babes at FHM’s 100 Most Wanted Women 2010 Party!

Over 500 guests comprising FHM readers, celebrities and models attended FHM’s 100 Most Wanted 2010 Party on Friday night 24th September 2010 at Ecoba Restaurant and Bar in PJ Trade Centre.

Malaysian women who graced the FHM’s 100 Most Wanted Women September 2010 issue appeared at the party to celebrate their recognition and success but it was unfortunate the winner of this year’s poll Hananh Tan was away in Japan and could not celebrate with us.

Some of the most gorgeous and sexiest women who were there, including Jay Menon, Julie Woon, Lana Nordin, Joey G, Chelsia Ng, Sari Yanti, Marsha Londoh Milan, Choy Wan and twin May.

It was one big party for everyone to enjoy and appreciate women. Guests were treated to songs performance, drinks by Carlsberg, lucky draws and catwalk show by the FHM babes.

The atmosphere was electrifying and there were endless camera bulbs flashing at the party.

Babes, babes and more babes.

FHM hot babe Juliana Evans at the party.

FHM hot babe Marsha Londoh Milan at the party.

From left: Juliana Evans, Choy Wan and Marsha Londoh Milan.

Joanne Kam Po Po (right) was the emcee for the night.

Guests came dressed in striking outfits.

Beautiful people and gorgeous outfits.

Sexy babe.


Jay Menon spotted at the event.

A large crowd at the FHM party. The Ecoba was very packed that night.

Dazzling pair.

Some pretty babes.

Attractive and cheerful.

Guests enjoying the fun at the FHM party.

Really these girls are just too cute.

There were also some really cute guys.

Everyone at a great time over at the FHM party.

A beer drinking contest to see who's the fastest drinker.

Guests enjoyed the performance of Reshmonu.

Lead singer Radhi of the band OAG performed for the crowd.

Comedian Douglas Lim left the audience in stitches of laugher.

The FHM babes take to the catwalk.

FHM Malaysia editor Simon Burgess (second from left) with his FHM babes.

FHM Malaysia editor Simon Burgess getting all the attention from the FHM babes.

The FHM babes received their plaques and bouquets of flowers.

Marsha Londoh Milan's seductive curves.

This lucky guy get to go on stage to sing along with Marsha Londoh Milan.

A lucky guy (right) who this bag in a lucky draw.

Another lucky draw winner (right) who won an expensive watch.

September 23, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival joyful celebration at SS2, PJ by ADUN Damansara Utama office

Throngs of excited children and adults showed up to meet and greet neighbours and foster a closer rapport, to enjoy a variety of performances and delicious food, and to meet their state assemblyman for Damansara Utama YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin at the Mid-Autumn Festival 2010 celebration held at a field in Jalan SS2/18 Petaling Jaya on Sunday 19th September 2010.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Mooncake and Lantern Festival.

The event was organized by the office of ADUN Damansara Utama state assemblyman YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin and supported by Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan, Rukun Tetangga SS2B and the Community Baptist Church SS2.

The large turnout of more than 800 people caught the organizer by surprise as they had catered food for 500 people only but the hungry guests were not complaining as they sportingly showed their happiness and joined in the celebration with happy spirit.

The joyful crowd warmly greeted their gracious host YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin when he arrived with the aid of a walker. It was the first public appearance for YB Dr Cheah in a public event. Accompanying him was his wife and Damansara Utama Support Team (DUST) members.

The people know Dr Cheah is an incredible YB with high energy level and Mai Tomyam join everyone in wishing YB Dr Cheah well and a full and speedy recovery.

Damansara Utama state assemblyman YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin had sustained serious injuries in a road traffic accident on Saturday, 13th March 2010. He was hit by a vehicle in the emergency lane of the Federal Highway near the Batu Tiga toll plaza when he stopped after his car developed engine problems.

He is recuperating at home and undergoing regular physiotheraphy to regain his former physical strength and capability.

YB Dr Cheah's personal assistant Richard Yap, Damansara Utama Support Team (DUST) members and several MBPJ local councillors are helping out on the ground to serve the constituents.

Children having fun with colourful candle-lit lanterns at the Mid-Autumn Festival event.

Children held up colourful lanterns.

Malaysians of different races also joined in the celebration.

The festival promotes racial harmony as Malaysians of different races joined in the festivity.

Members of Touch Community Centre (Community Baptist Church SS2) distributed free lanterns.

ADUN Damansara Utama YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin arrived with the aid of a walker.

Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan president Lim Theng Kau (left) and YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin.

YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin said he was overhelmed by such a large turnout and thank everyone present for attending the festival which brought the multi-racial community together.

The responsive crowd.

Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan president Lim Theng Kau said the festival helped to foster multi-racial ties.

Food and drinks were served to the guests.

Guests enjoyed a variety of delicious food.

Guests enjoying their food.

YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin (left) and his wife.

MBPJ councillor for SS2 area Tony Cheong (left) and Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan president Lim Theng Kau.

Rukun Tetangga SS2B chairperson Lee Kwee Cheng (second from left) and committee members at the event.

Ice-cream will do: Brisk business for this ice-cream seller as guests quench their thirst with the cold sweet food.

Guests were treated to a variety of entertaining performances.

The large crowd watching the performance.

The children from the Lovely Disabled Home were completely enthralled by the performances.

A Chinese fan dance.

A Yuen Qi Gong demonstration by members of the Yuanji Science Association, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The movements are practiced slowly and in a relaxed manner.

An amazing mask-changing performance.

Watching closely...the performer peels off one mask after another in a split second.

The performer removed the mask from his face at the end of the performance.

The children really get involved in the magic show.

Adults are not spared either by the magician.

Magician Kimmy Liew displays his patriotism by waving the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysia flag) at the end of his performance.

Children from the Lovely Disabled Home in SS2 put on a spirited musical performance.

A Karaoke singer entertaining the crowd with lively songs.

Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan president Lim Theng Kau (front row, centre), deputy president Hj Mohamed Noor Hj Othman (front row, second from right), Hj Ismail Saad (front row, first from right), Hoo Lek (Back row, first from left), Quah Ban Lek (back row, second from right) and Tai Been Keong (back row, first from right).

YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin leading the lantern walkabout around the field.

YB Dr Cheah Wing Yin was accompanied by MBPJ councillor Tony Cheong (first from left), Persatuan Penduduk SS2 Selatan president Lim Theng Kau and (second from left) and Damansara Utama Support Team (DUST) members.

Following behind were children from the Lovely Disabled Home who also took part in the lantern walkabout.

Children from the Lovely Disabled Home are really enjoying themselves in lantern walkabout.

Children admiring the colourful lanterns.

Children accompanied by adults held up lanterns during the walkabout.

Children held up colourful lanterns in different shapes and colours.

Lots of children carrying their little bright lanterns.