September 14, 2010

Paddy field experience for shoppers @ 1 Utama Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive decoration

1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya has transformed its concourse oval at lower ground floor into a real-life village scene complete with a paddy field (sawah padi), real rice paddy plant, dried paddy stalks, odd-looking scarecrow, huts, muddy ponds with fishing nets and small bridges.

The rural scene was recreated in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration 2010 which falls on Friday 10th September.

For many city dwellers who are used to the urban live and never been to a paddy field, it was a memorable and exciting experience as this was their very first time visiting a paddy field in their lives! So you can really see the excitement on their faces.

There were also traditional dance performances and cultural activities at various times for shoppers to enjoy and get into the Raya festive mood. Also on display were actual farming tools and harvesting tools.

Shoppers at 1 Utama Shopping Centre are enthralled by the vast seas of green paddy field at the concourse oval (paddy is green during the planting season). The bright green paddy will turn gold at harvest time in a few months time.

A serene natural beauty surrounded by pinang trees, areca palms, little wooden bridges, wooden huts, canals and the greenery of paddy.

Its harvert time when the paddy is ripe and golden yellow.

An odd-looking scarecrow at a paddy field to frighten the crows....

... because rice paddy serve as a good foraging ground for crows.

The dried stalks of paddy are thrashed to separate the paddy grain.

Walking in the paddy field terraces with small bridges.

A mock village dominated by paddy fields and dotted with traditional Malay wooden homes as seen from the upper floor of 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

A fishing net in the water paddy field.

An exciting visitor posed at the fishing net. Some common fishes found in paddy fields are sepat and keli.

A display of bird cages and fish traps. The fishes in water paddy fields are caught using indigenous traps such as 'sepila' 'tuar', 'bubu' and 'tangkul' which are prepared from bamboo and placed in the outlets to catch the fishes. Wetland birds are also found at paddy fields.

A Celebration of Harvest Dance.

A dance to depict the harvest season.

A colourful harvest dance.

A 'Labu Sayong' painting workshop.

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