October 30, 2010

KLPF 2010: Beautiful models and great photo shoot opportunities

There were many beautiful models to shoot, so photographers all came and have fun, shoot and enjoy the day at the three-day Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010 (KLPF 2010) from Oct 29 – 31 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC).

The latest photographic equipment, accessories, gadgets and services attracted great attention from the more than 50 major trade exhibitors.

But it was the beautiful and sexy models at the booths, the photo shoot opportunities at the “Snap Zone” and the Digicolor Model Search 2010 competition that attracted photographers and a mammoth crowd to the photography exhibition throughout the weekend.

From left: Nissin models Dorcas Cheok, Renee Gan and Evonne Teah.

From left: Attractive and cheerful Dorcas Cheok, Renee Gan and Evonne Teah.

Sony model Kiwi See.

Sony models Rean Wong (left) and Justine Ping.

From left: Gariz models Monique, Lyndie and Amanda.

Artisan & Artist models Apple Tan (left) and Pang Ja Ye.

From left: Artisan & Artist models Evyan Eng, Apple Tan and Pang Ja Ye.

XOXO wows the crowd at KLPF. They have such lovely voices and style.

Contestant No. 10 Sara Tan strutted on the runway during the Digicolor Model Search 2010 finals held in conjunction with KLPF 2010.

Contestant No. 9 Renee Hong in hot pants.

Contestant No. 3 Sophie Tee with her beautiful and sexy smile... she won the hearts of the judges and went on to win the Digicolor Model Search 2010 title.

From left: Natalie Su, Maria, Elaine Chew, Kim Low and Renee Ng.

From left: Renee Ng, Sophie Tee, Pinkie Hwang and Dreamy Tung.


  1. Thank you for visiting KLPF 2010. Hope to c u again at KLPF 2011. (Jessica Chan - Editor in Chief)

  2. Hi Jessica thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to get invite for KLPF 2011.