October 16, 2010

MCA PJ Selatan Lantern Festival 2010 draws big crowd despite rain

A downpour lasting more than three hours did not dampen the high spirits of some 1,000 people of all races who converged on the field in Jalan 1/10 in PJ Old Town for the Lantern Festival organized by MCA PJ Selatan on Sunday night 26th September 2010.

The event was held in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival which was traditionally observed by the Chinese.

Visitors arrived in the rain and sat in the tents erected in front of the stage to enjoy stage performances such as songs and dances including a Michael Jackson impersonator show. They were also treated to a sumptuous array of delicious food served buffet style at the event.

It was a truly 1Malaysia celebration with the peope of all races and walks of life attending the event. The highlight of the evening was the lantern street parade.

Selangor MCA chief and party vice president Senator Dato’ Donald Lim Siang Chai who is also the deputy finance minister led the residents carrying colourful lighted lanterns and accompanied by two lion dance troupes, a kompang troupe and an Indian traditional musical instruments troupe all as one in the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

Selangor MCA chief Senator Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai (centre) leading the lantern parade at the Jalan 1/10 field.

Senator Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai, party officials, residents and visitors make their way throught the streets of the neighbourhood during the lantern procession.

A father and his three children participating in the lantern parade.

Residents and visitors lit their colourful lanterns during the lantern parade.

Children having fun with their lanterns.

Malaysians of other races share in the joy of the Lantern Festival.

The joy on their faces say it all ... they do not want to be left out of the celebration.

Malaysians making 1Malaysia a reality.

Two lion dance troupes leading the lantern street parade.

Two pretty ladies in traditional Malay costume participating in the lantern parade.

The lively beats of the kompang troupe taking part in the lantern parade.

The beautiful sounds of the Indian traditional musical instruments completely enthralled the crowd.

Earlier, Senator Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai received warm weclome by the residents at the Lantern Festival event.

A warm welcome was given by the residents to Senator Dato Donald Lim Siang Chai on his arrival at the Lantern Festival event.

Senator Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai thanked everyone for attending the event and still smiling despite the rain.

Senator Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai (second from right) was happy the people ignored the rain and came out to support the event.

Guests included component party leaders from Barisan Nasional (BN) including from UMNO Petaling Jaya Selatan.

Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai (centre) posing with all as one.

Visitors sitting in the tents erected in front of the stage were able to enjoy stage performances despite the rain.

Free colourful lanterns were also handed out to everyone including children and adults.

Children lighting up their lanterns before the start of the lantern procession.

Lucky winner Wong Ah Wah (right) won a prize in the Lucky Draw.

A lucky draw prize winner (first from left) and event officials display the 1Malaysia sign.

A kompang troupe member's (first from left) lucky day. He won a prize in the lucky draw.

One for the album:
A group photo taken to mark the grand Lantern Festival celebration.

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