October 15, 2010

Travel show host Ian Wright at Hungry Ghost Festival 2010 celebration in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya

Renowned international traveller and television personality of Discovery channel fame Ian Wright was in Section 21 SEA Park, Petaling Jaya city in Malaysia for the Hungry Ghost celebration last September 2010.

Members of Ian’s camera crew were filming the entire ceremony on Monday night of 6th September 2010, the 3rd day of the four-day grand celebration marking the Hungry Ghost Festival celebration in Section 21 SEA Park, Petaling Jaya. The show is expected to air in end of year or early next year on both the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.

It was a very entertaining evening and it was great to meet Ian Wright in person. Malaysia’s multi-tasker celebrity Joanne Kam Po Po was also there to accompany Ian to make the documentary show.

Organized by Persatuan Penyokong-Penyokong Perayaan Poh Toh SEA Park, the four-day celebration from Sept 4 - 7, 2010 was held at a closed-off street in Jalan 21/17 in front of the wet market.

VIP guest travel show host Ian Wright taking photograph of food offerings laid on top of long tables while Persatuan Perayaan Poh Toh chairman Gan Keng (in orange t-shirt) looks on during the Hungry Ghost Festival celebration 2010 at Section 21 SEA Park in Petaling Jaya.

Ian Wright taking photographs of his memorable visit while his camera screw were filming the entire ceremony.

A roasted pig laid on table as offering to the hungry ghosts caught Ian Wright's attention.

Ian Wright with his Malaysian partner Joanne Kam Po Po.

Ian's camera crew filming a dragon dance.

Joanne Kam Po Po brought a jovial mood to the crowd.

Ardent fans who came up to meet Ian Wright for a photograph.

Section 21 SEA Park Residents Association committee Irene Tan posed for a photo opportunity with Ian Wright.

Section 21 SEA Park Rukun Tetangga committee Wong Ah Wah posed for a photo opportunity with Ian Wright.

Ian Wright (right) sportingly holds joss sticks during the prayer ritual.

Ian's camera crew filming during the ceremonial sending-off the King of Hades.

Ian's camera crew filming as Ian Wright gets ready to empty a bagful of paper money.

Ian Wright joined others in emptying bags full of hell paper money to be burnt during the ceremonial sending-off the King of Hades.

Ian Wright enjoying the fun.

The Hungry Ghost Festival concludes with the burning of the effigy of King of Hades or Tai Su Yeah, hell paper money and paper effigies for the ghosts to use in the underworld.

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