November 16, 2010

Bizzy Body: Dream come true for Rohani Hamzah

Bizzy Body’s excellent reputation is built on the great experiences of their clients' all over the country. The slimming expert frequently received lots of great feedbacks and testimonials from their satisfied clients regarding their experiences at the centre.

Here, Mai Tomyam shares his interview with the famous Rohani Hamzah, Head of Human Resources & Corp Admin, PR firm shortly after her Miss Bizzy Body Body Beautiful subsidiary title and Bizzy Body Ambassador 2010/2011 second runner up double wins.

Rohani Hamzah
Head of Human Resources & Corp Admin, PR firm.

"I never thought in my wildest dreams it would be possible".

"The best decision I've ever made".

Rohani, tell us about yourself

I’m 39 years old, married and blessed with two kids age 11 and eight years old. I’m a part time talent, baker and trainer. I have a Master in Law from University of Malaya and currently attached with a PR firm as Head of Human Resources & Corp Admin.

What led you to Bizzy Body?

I’m use to be small size woman but there is one particular incident which change my outlook. In Dec 2007, I felled and fractured my coccyx bone and was treated for two months. During the heeling period, I was advised to rest on bed and took bone supplement for speedy recovery.

Without having much activities I began to put on weight, my lower area was getting bigger and I was totally out of shape. I reached about 57kg and my jeans size from 26 turn to 32 inches.

This was really a bad sign for me and I started to go on diet, enrolled myself with aerobic and yoga classes but sadly none of these reaped the desired results and were unsustainable.

Finally, I walked into Bizzy Body Puchong outlet and with their warm welcome and satisfactory explanation on the slimming program I signed up with them.

Does this really work?

With my full commitment on their diet meal and series of treatments, I managed to trim down to 7kg within seven weeks. This was a tremendous result that I achieved in less than 2 months. Family, friends and colleagues would habitually comment on how well I was progressing. I’m now 46kg and have a beautiful curve which every woman dreams of.

I’m happy that I have won the Miss Bizzy Body Body Beautiful subsidiary title and crowned as second runner up during the Bizzy Body Ambassador Search 2010/2011 grand finals.

I’m glad with this transformation and it’s really change my lifestyle. Now I don’t have issue to fit in S size outfit and to be in skinny jeans. It has really improve my confidence level and boosted my self-esteem. Now I don’t have to hide my body under bigger clothes anymore.

The total weight loss of 11 kg was really a great achievement for me and I’m still undergoing the slimming maintenance programs with Bizzy Body.

How do you really feel now?

The most important thing is that I want to strenthen and uphold those beauty around me even though I’m reaching 40 next year.

I’m really satisfied with Bizzy Body. Without it, I would not achieved what I am today. Bizzy Body is a significant factor for my success today. I want to say a big thank you to Bizzy Body for making my dream come true.

I recommend Bizzy Body slimming programme to anyone who desires to enjoy both the journey and destination.

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