December 13, 2010

Booth babes of Pikom Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010 (DLE 2010)

The inaugural Pikom Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010 (DLE 2010) from 10 - 12 December 2010 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) showcased the best of digital lifestyle products and gadgets to visitors.

The expo was a hit with thousands of visitors jam-packed the exhibition halls covering 10,000 sq meters and over 400 booths offering an extensive range of digital devices and technology from leading international and local brands.

DLE 2010 is all about consumer electronics and mobile devices. But they are also about attractive booth babes to promote the digital products.

Most of the major booths had babes – Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung – and there were many new faces. These fine looking booth babes with their pretty faces added the glitz and glamour to the expo.

View below the best collection of DLE 2010 booth babes.

BenQ babe Kate Wong.

Samsung babes Icey Wong (left) and Rean Wong.

Samsung babes Nicole Tian (left) and Icey Wong.

Samsung babes Nicole Tian (left) and Icey Wong.

hTC babes Cindy Hu Shin Yee (left) and Soule Teh.

BlackBerry babes Joanne Ng (left) and Vivian Lye.

Vivitek babes Jane Ng (left) and Alexis Chin.

Vivitek babe Alexis Chin.

Celcom babes Anna (left) and Huda.

Celcom babes Anna (left) and Huda.

Garmin babe Jess Chan.

Garmin babe Kowen Low.

Viewnet babe Wei Wei.

Toshiba babe Lyndie Ong.

Toshiba babe Vivian Soon.

Toshiba babe Cheryl Chin.

Toshiba babe Rachelle Chong.

Excel babe Grace Shum.

Excel babe Zhi Wei.

Excel babe Lau Ka Man

Excel babes Lau ka Man (left) and Grace Shum.

(From left) Excel babes Lau Ka Man, Grace Shum and Zhi Wei.

Lenovo babes Cindy Tham (left) and Suzanne Chong.

Acer babes Cindy Lee (left) and Yvonne Chang.

Acer babe Evon Chan.

Razorzone babes Sue Yen (left) and Jayee Goe.

Redtone babe Megan Cheah.

Detv babe Vvian Ong.

A4Tech babe Elaine Chua.

A4Tech babes Ishiki Yun (left) and Elaine Chua.

Logitech babes Rachel How (left) and Ashley Wong.

Karldon babes Ryan Tan (left) and Cassandra Wong.

Karldon babes Ann Cheang (left) and Stacey Anne.

Quick Heal babes Vinie Chin (left) and Jackie Ting.

Sensonic babe Yomiko Yong.

Sensonic babes Shook Yee (left) and Yomiko Yong.

The Sens nic booth with the alphabet O missing! According to a staff at the booth, the alphabet O dropped off from the top and they were still waiting for the problem to be fixed. game booth babe: (From left) Osanna Chin, Reeyean Teh, Joanne Lai and June Jun.

DF Interactive game booth babe Faye Kwan.

DF Interactive game booth babe May Hong (left) and Yennee Toh.

Razer babes Abby Ng (left) and Ice Tsu.

CiBMall game booth babes Ameline Chong (left) and Lee Jea Teng.

CiBMall game booth babe Mun Mun.

Funmily game booth babes Angeline Tan (left) and Chloe Swee.

Funmily game booth babe Jenny Chin.

Funmily game booth babe Jenny Chin.

myRosso game booth babes Jaycee Wong Lai Yen (left) and Jing Rou.

Garena game booth babe Siew Ting.

(From left) Garena babes Bella Tam, Jacquiline Chan and Serena Ooi.

Garena game booth babe Lin Leng.

Booth babe Jeslin Lam.

Booth babe Lynn Shuw Lin.

Booth babe Denise Yu.

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