December 23, 2010

Lion dance and ribbon-cutting mark official opening of OMG fun pub in SEA Park, PJ

Its great news for pub goers that they can now visit OMG Fun Pub and enjoy drinking to relax and unwind. It opens in former Connection pub location at SEA Park, Petaling Jaya .

A traditiional lion dance performance with three Chinese lions and a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the official opening night on Friday 17th December 2010.

There was excitement as a large crowd turned up to help celebrate the occasion which was graced by Petaling Jaya Utara Federal Development coordinator Dato’ Dr. Wong Sai Hou and community leader Gan Keng.

OMG is a new concept pub with live band performances for patrons to enjoy a night of great music and a fun time over a glass of wine or beer with special discount packages from 8.30 pm onwards and it has a happy hour too.

It hosts five screen televisions, a pool table and stage; and the finger food (French fries, fried chicken wings, etc) is surprisingly good for a pub.

The casual atmosphere and the reasonably priced menu make it a great place to get together and have a great time.

OMG fun pub is really a fun Cheers kind of place to go hang out for the over 21 crowd. Go check it out!

VIP guest of honour Petaling Jaya Utara (PJU) Federal Development coordinator Dato' Dr. Wong Sai Hou (centre), Gan Keng (second from right), James Chan (first from right) and Cliff Yin (second from left) and other VIPs getting ready to perform the ceremonial ribbon cutting for the official opening of OMG fun pub.

A grand opening is made more special with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A lion dance performance for the grand opening ceremony.

A traditional lion dance performance with three Chinese lions marked the official opening night.

Bursts of confetti are shot off as the VIPs cut the ribbon to declare the OMG fun pub officially open for business.

Dato' Dr. Wong Sai Hou (left) and Gan Keng in jovial mood with fun confetti raining down on them.

The captivating lions perform to the beat of drum, cymbal and gong to bring in good business luck.

Warm greetings: Dato' Dr. Wong Sai Hou shaking hands with the lion.

VIP guests received a warm welcome from the lion.

The lion dance troupe staged a splendid performance to welcome the VIP guests.

A pair of lions enter to bless the pub.

Blessings from the lions to bring good luck to business.

A lion performs blessing at the bar counter.

A pair of lions perform ouside the OMG fun pub.

The pair of lions bow three times to end the lion dance.

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