March 25, 2011

Snake found under car caught in SS2, Petaling Jaya

A 12-foot python snake found under a car parked in Jalan SS2/24 in Petaling Jaya was caught by a snake catcher on Saturday 19th March 2011.

The residents of SS2 in Petaling Jaya were shocked when they saw the python slithered under a Perodua Myvi car parked near the Eng Seng Hin (ESH) electrical appliances shop about 2 pm.

Firemen from the Fire and Rescue Station (Balai Boma dan Penyelamat) rushed to the scene after receiving a distress call.

They used all means, including spraying Ridsect aerosol but were unable to dislodge the snake which was found stuck under the car wheels. Even sulphur powder was tossed underneath the car by a good Samaritan but that too didn’t work.

A big crowd of few hundreds gathered to watch the drama causing a traffic jam along the busy Jalan SS2/24.

After two hours, the firemen and members of the public who assisted were still unable to remove the snake.

The car owner hopped into his car and drove off to a short distance in Jalan SS2/30 with the snake still in the car and followed closely behind by firemen in their vehicle.

He parked his vehicle by the side of the road hoping the reptile would slither out but it didn’t. It was not sure if the firemen gave up but they left the scene with the snake still in the car!

A “snake king” (snake catcher) who saw the incident offered to dislodge the snake for free but on condition he took home the catch. It was a deal done.

Meanwhile the SS2B Rukun Tetangga chairperson Lee Kwee Cheng arrived and she immediately contacted the relevant authorities including the police and bomba who arrived shortly.

The police controlled the crowd and traffic flow.

The ‘snake king’ was allowed to finish his job. He lit a small pot containing powder, believed to be sulphur or wood dust from joss stick, went under the car and smoked the snake out of hiding.

About ten minutes later and some wrangled, the snake lost its hold on the car and the ‘snake king’ successfully pulled the snake out with all his strength. He put the snake into a canvas bag, tied it tightly and placed it on the front carriage of his motorcycle before he sped off.

It is believed that the snake is worth about RM800 in the market. Some people believe that snake soup, snake meat and snake blood have a number of good effects on the body, especially good for libido.

Now comes the mind-boggling question – How did such a large snake get into SS2? It is unimaginable.

Experts believe that the snake is either caught elsewhere or simply a pet that got loose since SS2 is a bustling commercial area and has no forest nearby.

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"There's a snake under the car."

The snake is caught at last! There is nothing to worry about.

Well, I would not want to be that close to that.

The snake measuring about 12 feet long.

It could be the biggest snake caught in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

So you think you are not afraid of snakes?

The snake is placed inside a canvas bag.

Its safe in the bag now.

The Perodua Myvi car owner's ordeal came to an end when the snake was finally caught.

Earlier ... the scenes at Jalan SS2/24.

A large crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the snake that slithered and got stuck under the car parked at Jalan SS2/24.

The Perodua Myvi car getting all the attention.

Firemen trying to loosen the snake's hold on the car.

Firemen working to free the snake that got stuck under the car.

Firemen tried all means, including jacking up the car to free the snake.

A member of the public helping firemen to dislodge the snake.

Firemen tried to flush the snake out by spraying Ridsect aerosol but that didn’t work.

A firemen holding the tail end of the snake while the car was being driven away to nearby Jalan SS2/30.

Later...the scenes at Jalan SS2/30.

The snake carcher (right) crawls underneath the car to free the snake.

A crowd gathered to watch the snake catcher at work.

The snake catcher caught hold of the snake's head ....

... and slowly pulled the snake out.

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