April 15, 2011

The booth babes of Pikom PC Fair @ KLCC, 1st Series, April 2011

The 3-day Pikom PC Fair 2011 (I) from 15 – 17 April held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) attracted thousands of people eager to get some attractive bargains on ICT items and accessories.

Others look forward to the booth babes. These babe-hunters roamed through the convention centre looking for the booth babes who would flash a smile and pose for your cameras when requested. Many exhibitors brought their booth babes along in order to draw the crowd's attention.

This is a collection of the lovely booth babes at the Pikom PC Fair 2011 (first series) held from 15 – 17 April 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

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Pikom PC Fair booth babes @ KLCC April 2009 (I)

Garmin hot babe Alexis Icebaby showing
off what she got.

Garmin hot babe Alexis Icebaby
is grabbing attention.

Garmin hot babe Alexis Icebaby in riding bicycyle pose.

AMD babes Jasmine Leong (left) and Angel Won.

AMD babes Yumi Wong SK (left) and Patricia Yap.

AMD babes spice up the Pikom PC Fair.
(L to R) Yvonne Hock, Patricia Yap and Yumi Wong SK.

From left: AMD sexy and beautiful babes Yvonne Hock,
Patricia Yap and Yumi Wong SK.

From left: Asus babes Jun, Karen Pink, Joan and Katherine.

From left: Asus babes Lewin, Jessica Lee, Kah Kar and Suhney Hoe.

Pretty Asus babes in a row.
From left: Kaspersky babes Zhi Shan, Yen Li and Kelly Tan. 
From left: Kasperksky babes Yen Li, Zhi Shan and Kelly Tan appearing on their second day
on the fair.

 Online game myRosso babes Roselyn Doll (left) and Ranne Chee.

Online game myRosso babes Roselyn Doll (left)
and Ranne Chee appearing on their second
day on the fair.

LG babes Peggie Ong (left) and Simone Yap.

Intel babe Elouise Toh.
From left: Sandisk babes Cassandra Ong, Ezlynn Lum and Cindy Tham.
Attractive and cheerful Sandisk babes. (From left): Cassandra Ong, 
Ezlynn Lum and CindyTham.       Photo contributed by Anas.

Sensonic babe Yvonne Moh.

Sensonic babe Yvonne Moh.
Photo contributed by Anas.

Sensonic babes Xiao Teen (left) and Agnes Lim.

From left: Garmin babes Yomiko Yong, Diana Panda and Joanne Lee.
Pretty Garmin babes a hit at Pikom PC Fair.
(L-R) Yomiko Yong, Diana Panda and

Joanne Lee.   Photo contributed by Anas.

Garmin babes Elicia Teoh (left) and Christine Guan.

From left: Avira babes Kiwi See, Evonne Teah and Sonia Ng.

Pretty Avira Babe Sonia Ng.

Avira sexy and beautiful babes are the ones that catch your eye.
From left to right: Avira babes Kiwi See,  Evonne Teah and
Sonia Ng.
Photo contributed by Anas.

Apacer babe Che Mei.

Panda (antivirus) babe Fioline Chang.
Panda (antivirus) babe Yeng Yeng.

From left: MOL babes Qian Meo, Renee Chee and Jenny Liu.

From left: MOL babes Chevelle Chua, Soo Catherine and Eileen Tee.

From left: hTC babes Bell Chan, Ivy Yap and Joyce Sik.
From left: CSL babes Ashley Wong, Genki Teoh and Quincy Liew.

Lenovo babes Wendy (left) and Genne.

Multimedia speakers E-View babes
Jocelyn Koh (left) and Jyee Chong.
Multimedia speakers E-View babes
Jocelyn Koh (left) and Jyee Chong appearing
on their second day on the fair.

From left: Epson babes Lavenne Sia, Elise Fei and Kerrie Lau.

From left: Panasonic (Evolta battery) babes Lavenda Prisilla,
Wan Li Tang and Chhoy Yeen.

Panasonic (Evolta battery) babes Joey Wong (left) and Gee Ling.

Bone iPhone babe Sharmaine Chow.

Bone iPhone babe Sharmaine Chow.
Photo contributed by Anas.

A4Tech babe Elaine Chen.

Online game CiBmall babes Eling wong (left) and Ling Ling. 

Online game YouxiPark babe Keii Hor.
Online game Funmily babe Zniez

Online game Mission Against Terror (MAT)
 babes Mun Mun (left) and Jolin LWQ.

From left: Pay TV service DETV babes Megan Xie, Wei Ling
and Callniee. 

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