April 10, 2011

Friday @ Petronas F1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2011 Sepang circuit

The public got free access to stalls and booths in mall area and all grandstand seats on Friday 8th April 2011 to watch the opening practice session of the country's biggest international sporting event at the Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix (GP) in Sepang.

The Red Bull machine driven by Australian Mark Webber finished top at both practice sessions. He clocked the first morning session on 1:37.651 and the second afternoon session on 1:36.876.

Friday is a roving seat so the public and all ticket holders can sit in any available seat in any grandstand to experience the thrill of the adrenaline-pumping event.

Fans need to purchase tickets to the qualifying session on Saturday 9/4 and Malaysia F1 Grand Prix race day on Sunday 10/4.

Sorry there were no grid girls (pit babes) on Friday but the attractive and cheerful LG babes with their pretty faces at the LG Technology Centre got the crowd excited about the brand.

LG Electronics showcased two new Android smartphones – Optimus 2X, the world’s first dual-core smartphone and Optimus Black, featuring the world’s brightest screen on a smartphone in conjunction with the Malaysian leg of the Formula One World Championship.

There were many stalls and booths for fans to eat and shop for F1 merchandise.

No mineral water bottles or any drinking bottles were allowed in. Bags were searched and the items confiscated if found, and returned to owners upon exit. A bottle of mineral water of 500 - 600 ml size is priced at RM5 at the stalls. All others are at RM10 and above.

There were hordes of photographers with their powerful DSLR lens busy capturing images of the F1 cars zooming past each other at every second corner and down every straight at the circuit.

Here’s a peek at what’s on show at Sepang circuit on Friday @ Petronas F1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2011.

Petronas F1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2011 held its opening practice
at the Sepang Circuit on Friday 8th April 2011.

A large crowd turned up for both practice sessions of the Petronas
F1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2011 on Friday 8th April 2011
at the
Sepang Circuit.
The crowd experience the thrill of watching the Petronas F1 Malaysia
Grand Prix 2011 at the Sepang Circuit.
The Red Bull car driven by Mark Webber zooming around the
track during the practice session at Sepang on Friday 8th April 2011.

The Team Lotus owned by AirAsia zooming down a race track
during the first practice session at Sepang Circuit.
AirAsia boss
Datuk Seri
Tony Fernandes is team principal of Team Lotus.
The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team had a poor race as they
finished out of the top five in both practice sessions.
The Mercedes GP Petronas F1 car driven by Michael Schumacher
was third in the first practice session with his
time at 1:39.791
(29 laps) and improved to 1:38.088 (25 laps)
in 5th position
in the second practice session.

F1 pits crew preparing the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 car for the
race during the practice sessions.
Sexy and beautiful LG babes catch your eyes at the LG Technology
Centre in the mall area.

LG babes Evonne Teah (left) and Yumi Wong SK.
The sexy attire they wear certainly set pulse racing.

Life's good: LG Electronics managing director H.K.Kwon poses
with LG babes Ginny Gan (left) and Evonne Teah (right).
a South Korean, was present to launch the new
Android smartphone
- LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black.

LG babes Yumi Wong SK (left) and Moon are simply
gorgeous and lovely!

Attractive and cheerful HP babes get attention.

A LG babe showing the new Android smartphone LG Optimus Black
which is the thinnest smartphone
in the world.
LG babes showing off the new Android smartphones - LG Optimus
2X and LG Optimus Black lauched
on Friday 8th April 2011
at LG Technology Centre in
conjuction with Petronas F1
Malaysia GP 2011 in Sepang.
Models for the LG new Android smartphone launch striking
a pose for the cameras.

Pretty models ....they look great!

These babes are from Marlboro. Sweet smiling.

The Marlboro babes sell limited edition racing package.

If you are a non-smoker, you could pretend to be a cigarette
smoker and strike a chat with this sweet young thing.

These girls get the crowd excited about the Red Bull energy
drink they are selling.

The carnival-like atmosphere where booths within the circuit
sell F1 teams merchandise.

The official Formula 1 Team merchandise booth sells all kinds
of F1 stuff.
The Red Bull Racing merchandise booth selling all kinds
of souvenirs.
The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes merchandise booth.
The Ferrari Formula 1 merchandise booth.
You can get a wide selection of Ferrari Formula 1 merchandise here.

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