May 2, 2011

Rakyat Ritma Cru wins Beat Street Dance 2011 title

The Rakyat Ritma Cru bagged the very first championship title as well as RM5,000 and challenge trophy during the inaugural Beat Street Dance Competition 2011 at The Summit Subang USJ on Saturday 30th April 2011.

The Asian BeTari Dance Troupe grabbed the second place with cash prize of RM2,500 and YAWA Eco Drum Circle got the third place with a cash prize of RM1,000

Amin Fikry, 27, lead dancer of the Rakyat Ritma Cru group and who takes the stage name of Bobo Nawawi, said they had been devoting over many hours of practice daily for two weeks ahead of the grand final. Their efforts paid off as they delivered an outstanding performance which won the hearts of the judges. It was sweet reward.

“We are very proud and happy to be chosen as champion and we dedicate this to all our crew who work hard for it”, said the entertainment vendor whose racially mixed crew of teens, aged from 18 to 27, bonded and worked well with the team.

The debut of the most exciting and entertaining dance competition saw energetic people with great potentials coming out to showcase their extraordinary talents in music, dance and creativity.

It was amazing to see a diverse group of rival crews competed with a wide variety of techniques and styles and the fusion of innovative and creative choreography such as hip hop dance, break dance, snake dance, belly dance, crystal ball dance, percussion, fire-eating and beatboxing.

After some fierce competition and a lot of deliberating by the judges comprising dance choreographer Adam Corrie Abdullah, 1st runner up of new talent search for LG MyStarz TV3 Badri Ibrahim and music great Wan Carefree, they managed to pick the winner.

The Beat Street Dance Competition 2011 was presented by The Summit Subang USJ in cooperation with Music Scene Production (M) Sdn Bhd.

Beat Street Dance is a revolutionary new concept created by Music Scene Production director Gary Amani Abdullah, collaborating musicians, dancers and choreographers together under one roof.

The competition challenges the contestants to take the art music and dance to the extreme by introducing live unplugged music, instead of CD, using musical instruments such as percussions, drums, box drums, recycle instruments and also human beat box (human voice).

According to Gary, the inaugural beat street dance competition was a great success and the contest will return bigger, better and tougher next year.

Mai Tomyam congratulates to all the winners!

Keep on dancing!

Finalists Ranked:

Champions: (RM5,000 + Challenge Trophy)
Rakyat Ritma Cru

1st runner-up: (RM2,500)
The Asian BeTari Dance Troupe

2nd runner-up: (RM1,000)
YAWA Eco Drum Circle

Consolation: (RM500 each)
Middle East Dance Academy
Pha-Lang-Khong Dansa
Malaysian Punjabi Bhangra
Funky Fresh Family
D Fresco 
No Notice Percussion (did not turn up for the competition)

Champions: Rakyat Ritma Cru wins the very first Beat Street
Competition 2011 beating eight other finalists, strutting
their way to the title, RM5,000 cash prize and challenge trophy.
Joint Managment Body (JMB) of The Summit Subang USJ
secretary Thomas Chow (centre) presenting a mock cheque
for RM5,000 and challenge trophy to Rakyat Ritma Cru.

Yes we are so happy we are  finally able to hold the challenge trophy.

The Rakyat Ritma Cru could hardly contain their excitement as they
were announced the champion of the Beat Street Dance 2011.

Celebration time: Two confetti cannons were shot off when
Rakyat Ritma Cru was announced the champion.
Some serious breakdancing by Rakyat Ritma Cru.

This is amazing. An incredible crystal ball juggling dance by
Rakyar Ritma Cru.
Rakyat Ritma Cru fire eater performing the blow out.

Rakyat Ritma Cru team leader Amin Fikry beating the drum.

Second prize winner: The Asian BeTari Dance Troupe took on
the challenge with a spirited piece. Dancer Dayana Dawina (left)
holding a 5 kg Albino Burmese python.

The Asian BeTari Dance Troupe dancer Lidya Osman kissing
a Burmese python.

3rd Prize winner: YAWA Eco Drun Circle blasted on stage
with their moves.

YAWA Eco Drum Circle use recyclable irems
such as plastic pails, glass bottles and garbage
bins to create beats and rhythms.

Consolation winner: D fresco showing the audience what they
can do.

Consolation winner: Pha-Lang-Khong Dansa with their percussions
and lovely ladies.

Consolation winner: Beatnix - a group of dancers that collaborate
the elements of beatbox, the art of making music using the mouth.

Consolation winner: Malaysian Punjabi Bhangra - the one and only
National Bhangra and Bollywood Group. Formed and founded in
1978 by Harchran Singh. Presently having 15 permanent members
and at least 300 freelance and part-time dancers.
Consolation winner: Funky Fresh Family with their batteryhead
percussion and floor fever crew. These young percussionists
simply want to express their passion for music through
percussive insturments.
A break dancer from Funky Fresh Family using a helmet
for headspins.
Consolation winner: A belly dancer from
Middle East Dance Academy gyrates in
perfect dance.

Dancers from Middle East Dance Academy heat up the stage with
visually stunning dances.

The judges: (L-R) Wan Carefree, Adam Corrie Abdullah and
Badri Ibrahim had a tough time deciding on the winners.

From left: Badri Ibrahim, Adam Corrie Abdullah, Music Scene
Production director Gary Amani Abdullah and Wan Carefree.

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