June 30, 2011

Grand street procession marks 118th anniversary of Datuk Kong temple

The Datuk Kong (拿督公)Temple in Teluk Intan, Perak celebrated its 118th anniversary with a big bang! – A grand colourful street procession from the temple ground to the main streets and back on Sunday, 19th June 2011, the eighteenth day of the fifth lunar month.

The temple founded 118 years old became strong and famous and today attract thousands of Taoist followers from far and near who come to pray and seek blessings for family good health and happiness from the Gods in the temple.

The birthday celebration drew thousands of worshippers who flocked to the temple to pay their respects and wish happy birthday to Datuk Kong as the chief deity of the temple as well as other resident deities.

The Chinese worshipped Datuk Kong in the belief that the he has the power to preserve peace, harmony and safety in both residential areas and factories.

Several dozens devotees in a state of trance had their cheeks pierced through with long shiny steel rods as offering of thanks to all the deities of the temple located at the edge of Eastern Garden, a housing area.

On the prayer altars were placed red tortoise buns, peach-shaped buns, green bananas, pineapples and other fruits, flowers, "huat koay" (properous cake), "ang koo" (red cake), betel leaves and curut cigars as offerings to the deities.

The celebratory procession had dragon dancers, lion dancers, school band and spiked devotees passing through the housing area of Eastern Garden before making its way into the main streets of the town including Jalan Ah Cheong and the famous century old Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan before returning to the temple.

It was an unforgettable experience for the many residents who lined up on both sides of the procession route to witness the colourful procession.

“The town has not seen such a grand street procession like this for a long time," said an old-time resident who witnessed the procession at Jalan Ah Cheong in the town centre.

The streets along the procession route were closed in stages by police and Rela personnel.

Special thanks to SA Tan and Leng Hong for contributing the photos to this post.

A devotee in trance walks barefooted with
his 'tongkat' (walking stick) during the street
procession. The deity Datuk Kong is
believed to have entered his body.

A temple volunteer burning kemenyan (incense) for the smoke to
reach the deity Datuk Kong inside the devotee's body.

A "Datuk Kong" devotee with his 'tongkat"
(walking stick).

The worship of deity Datuk Kong, believed to be Malay spirit,
by Taoists is very popular in Malaysia.

Devotees in a spiritual trance during the procession. 

The beggar deity "Chek Kong" carrying a
bottle of Chinese wine and a fan which
he can perform magical feats.

The begger deity "Chek Kong" with iron rod
pierced throught the cheek.

A metal rod is pierced through the cheek to a Toaist devotee.
The child deity "Na Cha Sam Tai Chu"
( 哪吒三太孑) or Third Prince with a pacifier
in his mouth and playing with his magic ring.

Devotees in a state of trance have their cheeks pierced in the early
morning ceremony at the temple.

Devotees making their way in front of the UMNO building in
Jalan Ah Cheong.

A devotee had his cheek fierced but seemed very aware of
his surrounding.

Devotees pierce their cheeks to celebrate the Datuk Kong
temple anniversary.

Flag bearers making their way through Eastern Garden.

Some residents placed offerings of incense and food on the tables
outside their gates f
or the "deities" who stopped by their homes.
The dragon chasing after the ball (pearl of wisdom) during the street
procession in Eastern Garden.

A devotee with his metres-long rod.

A big crowd gathered on both sides of the streets to watch the
street procession.
The  monkey god deity "Sun Wu Kong". 
Spikes Through Cheeks is all part of the Datuk Kong temple

The flag bearers performing a dance routine.

Devotees carrying a deity seated on a sedan chair that swings
by itself.

Devotees carrying the sedan chair can feel the weight. It is believed
that when the speed of the swing is fast and forceful, it means the
deity is extremely happy.

The dragon dance troupe making its way along Jalan Ah Cheong.

The dragon dance troupe perforrning a vigorous and
energetic routine.

A large crowd gathered to watch the dragon dance performance
at the Dataran Menara Condong, Teluk Intan.

The dragon dance troupe performing in front of the famous Leaning
Tower of Teluk Intan.

Lion dance troupes making a good show.

A school brass band marching with the parade.
Food offerings are placed on the altar table for the deities to enjoy.

Red tortoise buns, "huat koay" and peach-shaped buns as offerings
to the deities.  

A pair of lions entering the temple to pay respect to the deities.

The lion paying respect to the deities by bowing three times.

A Chinese opera is staged on the temple ground for deities and

Giant-sized joss sticks at the Datuk Kong Temple for the
118th anniversary celebration.

Three giant-sized jossticks decorated with dragons and phoenix
designs which are burnt as offerings to the Gods.


  1. ...wow...quite a big event...nice photos..

  2. Hi. When will the 2012 celebration of Datuk Kong temple be? I would like to see it myself :-)