July 31, 2011

Pikom Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011 babes

The second Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011 from 29 - 31 July 2011 showcased many digital lifestyle products and services from international and local brands but the expo also had other attractions that were eye catching besides the products.

Mai Tomyam was at the Pikom Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011 to bring you pictures of the beautiful girls who were there to make the event a lot better.

Garmin navigator babe Kowen Low.

Lenovo babes (L-R) Jolin Lee, Serene Tan and Simone Yap.

Trend Micro anti-virus babes Jun Woo (left)
and Penny Wong.

Trend Micro babes Cassie Lim (left) and Natlely Goh.

Ford babe Pink Quah.

Ford babe Ju Teoh and the Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.6L Automatic
(Sport) at OTR retail price of RM81,388 (private).

Lumix babe Winnie Tang.

Lumix babe Phloe Swee.

Lumix babes Jacqueline Chuah (left) and Belinda Lim.

Papago navigator babes (L-R) Minny Ng, Joan Lee, Eunice Lim
and Rachel Yong

Avira anti-virus babes (L-R) Evon Teah, Pinkiee and Weng Li

Avira anti-virus babe Evon Teah.

CSL babes Bonny Wong (left) and Adlin Khoo.

Gamepro.com.my booth babes Penny Annabella Lim (left) and
her sister
Shanny Lim.

Kingsoftgames.com game booth babe Foong Yee.

myRosso.com game booth babe Karen Lai.

CiB mall game booth babes dress well and look great.

Attractive and cheerful CiB mall babe.

myRosso.com game booth babe Taylie Teo.

cl.com.my game booth babe Angel Won

cl.com.my game booth babes Vivi Xiao (left)
and Angel Won.

Ezjoy.com game booth babes (L-R) Yvonne Mok, Jacqueline
Yiing and Elaine Chai.

Funmily.com game booth babes Jenny Chin
and Shermine Chow.

U mobile babes Angelynn Low (left) and Patricia Yap.

The P1 One Plan with two modems for the best 4G broadband
experience indoors and outdoors. From left: Jack Lim, Han
Dennis Sia and Marina Mas'aud.

P1 means Packet One from the broadband
company Packet One
Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd that brought
city-wide WiFi service
in Kuala Lumpur in 2008.

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